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Some of my audio work

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For my first job out of university, I was lucky enough to snag a fellowship at a broadcast news station in a top 30 news industry. One of the reasons I was brought on was to help the station create narrative podcasts based on their other coverage. One of my favorite projects covered the anniversary of the Hyatt Collapse — the collapse of two sky bridges in a hotel 40 years ago. I helped write and edit both episodes in the two-part series, and voiced the second one, which is linked below.

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I started off working at the Missouri Business Alert as a summer intern, but then joined the team as a paid employee to continue the work I had done over the summer. My main responsibility: the entrepreneurship podcast Speaking Startup. Listen to one of my favorite episodes about entrepreneurs who go on reality TV shows, "No such thing as bad 'Shark Tank.'"

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This is a special project I worked on with KBIA during the fall semester of 2020 that focuses on conversational, honest stories related to health as told by those who experienced them. Here's one I did about a diabetic activist, her father and the price of insulin.

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While working at KBIA, first as a student and later as a paid employee, I did morning or afternoon newscasts. This involved fielding stories, exercising news judgment, rewriting stories, as well as editing and voicing under significant time pressure. Here's an example.

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